[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”Where is the shop?” el_id=”1477004025571-637f33c5-43fc”]The REDZ Workwear and Tools shop is located at 2/4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes, Queensland, Australia 4509[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”When is the shop open?” el_id=”1477004086842-88709cd2-23e5″]Our opening hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Can I order online?” el_id=”1477004242894-3a2e9dd9-fd86″]Not yet, but our online store is coming soon! For now, please give us a call on (07) 3204 5597 or visit us instore.[/vc_toggle][vc_column_text]

REDZ Embroidery

[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”Q1. How many colours can I have?” el_id=”1474509836363-1348047e-5e81″]We have a huge range of stunning colours and use only the best thread. You can have multiple colours (within reason).[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q2. What turn around time can I expect?” el_id=”1474510241932-ca2e28d9-cd1d”]We will blow you away with our average turnaround time of 5 days (upon receipt of approved logo and garment). In some case faster! Nobody in North Lakes can do this except REDZ Workwear and Tools! If you go elsewhere you will wait up to 4 weeks![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q3. Can I arrange my embroidery over the internet?” el_id=”1474510241755-de6519a2-728e”]Of course! However, because we are dealing with artwork, sizing, colours and designs it is always best at some stage to come in and speak with our friendly staff to work through your requirements.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q4. What is the minimum order for embroidery?” el_id=”1474510241548-edaea693-381d”]No Minimum order!

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q5. How much does embroidery cost?” el_id=”1474510241381-b7cdffbc-fdff”]Embroidery costs depend on the size of the logo and the number of stitches. Generally speaking, if you purchase a garment from us, the cost of most standard logos are $8-10 each (under 10,000 stitches). The price can vary depending on the size and if you are after a bulk order we will smash any other price you have found![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q6. Can I have more than one logo on my garment?” el_id=”1474510241206-382067b1-3026″]Of course! Speak to our friendly staff about your requirements.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q7. How thin can the lines or letters be with embroidery?” el_id=”1474510240960-9d22c769-4afe”]Our machine is amazing. It is capable of extremely intricate logos. This can also depend on the type of garment, the thickness of the garment etc. For most people it is best to speak to our friendly staff to make sure your logo comes out in the best possible way.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q8. How big can my embroidery be?” el_id=”1474510240286-8b3ed16c-c144″]The largest logos on the rear of garments are normally a maximum of 240mm wide.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Q9. If I don’t have a logo, can you arrange something for me?” el_id=”1474510333897-baec7ea1-2440″]We can help! We have a great network of designers and we may surprise you with what we can do in house in order to save you money!

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