Best mates, Jeremy and Ren have known each other near on 20 years. meeting in the police force. They have endured a lot together and had plenty of fun along the way. Living in Sydney's Northern Beaches for nearly 16 years, riding motorbikes and spending soooo many nights at the Manly Wharf Hotel.  Bouncing off each others personality, the way Roy and HG generally do. The two comedic guys quote movie lines, whistle and guess theme songs from random TV shows (the A Team, Airwolf and Punky Brewster to name a few).

These guys would be just as at home hosting a drive time radio station, but instead, the guys decided to swap their motorbikes for family life. They now run two very different workwear stores at opposite ends of the country.

Genuine guys, with a great work ethic and a super vision of how a retail experience SHOULD BE (throwback to when customer service meant EVERYTHING) 

REDZ is not your average workwear store!